Video: Is TMS Suitable for Teenagers?

Expert Advice from Professor Alex O’Neill Kerr


One of the main concerns that parents, carers and professionals will have for younger patients is whether or not the system is safe.

Professor Alex O’Neill Kerr is Medical Director of Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, as well as being a MAC Member.

He provides expert advice and information in this video:

Is TMS Safe For Teenagers?

Professor Alex O’Neill Kerr says:

TMS For Teenagers Advice“I have treated adolescents, it’s a very effective treatment for adolescents.

“There is evidence in the literature of about 5,000 adolescents treated in the United States. The outcome of that was it’s safe and as effective as it is in adults.

“I would always just want to make sure that the person is able to give informed consent, they understand what the treatments about and usually would want to have the parents involved and happy for them to have treatment.”

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TMS Treatment for Teenagers

Smart TMS started offering transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for teenagers from the age of 16 in 2019, offering an alternative and medication-free approach to treating depression.

The company achieved the necessary registrations allowing it to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for clients aged 16 and 17.

Smart TMS was the first UK provider to offer under the age of 18 and says the treatment can be very helpful in treating younger patients.

TMS Teenage Depression Treatment

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Smart TMS was established in 2015, providing TMS treatment at their original South Kensington centre in London. The company now has the UK’s biggest network of TMS treatment centres, spanning across England, Scotland and ireland. Smart TMS is committed to further expansion in order to make the treatment available in more cities, reaching patients who need an alternative treatment option for their conditions.

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