Yahoo! Lifestyle: Why You Wake In The Night

Smart TMS provided expert comment for Yahoo! Lifestyle’s feature on sleep and the issues causing night waking, entitled:

“What your body is trying to tell you when you wake in the night”

According to scientific research published in Sleep Medicine, about a third of adults (35.5%) wake at least 3 times in the night and 43% of those struggle to go back to sleep (ref:

While nocturnal awakenings may be fairly common, they can be annoying and tiring. When they recur regularly, waking in the night can also have an impact on physical and mental health.

Stress and Sleep

Smart TMS Technician Abie Taylor-Spencer told Yahoo! that stress and anxiety are factors that can cause broken sleep. She explained:

For recurrent sleep problems or suspected mental health issues, Abie suggested the GP should be the first port of call. Treatment may include psychological therapy such as CBT or sleep clinic.

Other Sleep Issues

Other issues which could cause night time waking – as outlined in the article – include:

  • Room temperature and/or lighting
  • Excess caffeine consumption
  • Checking the time adding extra worry about going back to sleep
  • Needing the toilet in the night (a number of potential underlying causes are outlined)
  • Using tech late at night (exposing stimulating ‘blue light’)
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Weekend lie-ins

Abie explained more about how the extra sleep on Sunday can disrupt the weekday sleep pattern:

“Although I’m sure we are all guilty of enjoying a lie-in on a Sunday morning, disrupting the schedule you maintain during the week is not conducive to good sleep hygiene.

“Ensuring consistency in your sleeping habits will allow your body to set an internal clock and enable you to go to sleep faster and avoid waking up too.”

Abie Taylor-Spencer

Smart TMS Technician

abie smart tms

Abie is a member of the Smart TMS team of technicians at our Manchester TMS Clinic.

Her qualifications and experience prior to working at Smart TMS include:

  • Psychology Bsc (Hons) at Lancaster University, with a certificate of distinction
  • Currently studying MSc in Developmental Disorders
  • N-compass Northwest volunteer – advocacy and carer support
  • Experience of peer mentoring, supporting disaffected youth and co-facilitating support groups for mental well-being

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