TMS treatment for Addiction

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an innovative approach to treating addiction.
Smart TMS offers an innovative approach to treating addiction by utilising Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive technique targeting specific brain circuits associated with the condition.
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What is addiction?

Addiction is characterised by a lack of control over engaging in activities, consuming substances, or repeating specific behaviours to the extent that it becomes potentially harmful. Commonly associated with substances like drugs, alcohol, gambling, and smoking, addiction can manifest in various forms, including work, internet usage, solvents, and shopping. When these behaviours or substances interfere with relationships, work, and daily life, it indicates a potential addiction.

What causes addiction?

Addiction can stem from various factors. Substances like drugs, alcohol, and nicotine alter both physical and mental states, creating pleasurable feelings and a strong urge to repeat the experience. Gambling, for instance, can lead to a mental “high” after a win, fuelling a compelling desire to recreate that sensation. The addictive cycle often continues because withdrawal symptoms, or a “come down,” can be unpleasant, encouraging individuals to persist in addictive behaviour or substance use.
Genetics may play a role in addiction susceptibility, but environmental factors, such as being around people with addictions, can also increase the risk. Addiction may act as a coping mechanism to block out difficult issues, and external stressors like unemployment, poverty, and emotional pressure can trigger addictive behaviours.

How does Smart TMS treat addiction?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive treatment that works to treat addiction safely and effectively. Smart TMS uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain.
The TMS therapy for addiction involves a recommended treatment regimen comprising 15 sessions. These sessions are designed to address the specific brain region responsible for triggering addictive urges. Appointments are scheduled daily, from Monday to Friday, over a three-week period, ensuring a comprehensive and concentrated approach to the treatment process.

Which forms of addiction do Smart TMS treat?

Smart TMS treats:

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Addiction Treatment Prices

Cocaine, alcohol and smoking

TMS treatment for addiction is delivered in a course of 15 sessions.

Additional treatment can be booked as per the advice of your clinician.

Initial course
(15 sessions)
Subsequent course
(15 sessions)

Continuous Care

Dr Neal and his team understand the need to help our patients stay well beyond the end of their TMS treatment. Using research and our own experience, we have designed aftercare packages to provide ongoing care with a planned programme of regular top-up treatments.

Have you had TMS treatment for depression at another clinic? Smart TMS can offer you maintenance therapy, too!

What our Patients Say

I didn’t know that I had borderline personality until later in my life and didn’t think that I would ever change but my depression and low mood has gone and I can think about what I do before I do it too.

Mr N

My childhood trauma caused my BPD but I found talking therapies difficult and I felt an urge to spend lots of money to make me feel better. Although I still feel low sometimes it isn’t anywhere near as bad as before I had TMS and I get out of my low mood much quicker than before.

Miss C

I felt like BPD had a big stigma attached and I was worried about my colleagues finding out about my diagnosis. While I could only see situations in black and white before, I’m now more able to see all of the shades of grey in between and handle situations much more calmly.

Mr I