Long Term Benefits of TMS Treatment

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Many clients are keen to understand whether the benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment (TMS) will last in the long term. 

TMS is now recognised as a potential treatment therapy  for depression, addiction and other mental health related conditions and shows excellent outcomes with minimal side effects.

However, in terms of how long the results last, there is not one definitive answer, as every patient experience is different.

Some patients achieve long lasting remission after just one course of treatment, but for others, they may experience a decline at some point in the future. Regular ‘top up’ treatments are one potential answer to staying well, but it’s also worth reassessing the role of any other treatments, even if they didn’t work in the past.

Continuous Care

Smart TMS offers a plan called ‘Continuous Care‘ which is designed to provide a programme of additional treatments to bridge the gap between the acute treatment phase and monthly maintenance sessions by gradually reducing the number of sessions from between 4-8 in the first month, gradually declining to just one monthly session by the fourth or fifth month.

Continuous Care is designed to reduce the risk of relapse in the early months while patients adjust to their post-treatment situation.

Prolonging the Effects of TMS

Once you’ve had TMS treatment, it’s an opportunity to reassess other treatment modalities. Even if these haven’t worked before, after a successful course of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, they may help to keep you well.

Things to consider include:

  1. Lifestyle
    Getting into healthy habits is known to be beneficial to mental as well as physical health. Eat well, stay hydrated, undertake some moderate exercise regularly and get a good night’s sleep are simple pieces of advice that really can make a difference
  2. Talking Therapies
    CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) can help you to work on cognitive loops and negative circular thought patterns. This can be very helpful in staying well.
  3. Medication
    Antidepressants might be helpful in maintaining remission. Even if medication hasn’t worked for you before, it is a different situation once you’ve had a course of TMS treatment.

Our experts are here to help and advise before, during and after transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. You’re in safe hands every step of the way.

Smart TMS

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