Patient and practitioner perspectives – Edinburgh clinic

Our Edinburgh clinic has been open since March 2019 and we have had the pleasure of treating many patients in the clinic for various mental health conditions. Below, we hear from a patient treated for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and hear from the practitioner who treated them and their perspective of this particular patient’s response to TMS treatment.

Patient perspective

“I had very distressing, obsessive, intrusive thoughts and compulsions caused by OCD. I thought my life was ruined and that I had no hope of getting better. However, my treatment at Smart TMS changed my life completely. Now I have very little obsessive thoughts when before they were constantly in mind. Smart TMS have saved my life and given me freedom to enjoy my life.”


Practitioner perspective

“This individual was the first patient that I ever treated as a TMS practitioner. I am very fortunate that both the patient’s and my own first experience of TMS for OCD was such a positive one. When he comes back for monthly Continuous Care sessions, I am always delighted to hear about his hikes, time spent with friends and family, restaurant visits, athletic pursuits, and all of the wonderful experiences he has been able to open himself up to. His joy is contagious, and I feel very lucky to have witnessed his journey to remission.”



To find out more about TMS treatment at our Edinburgh clinic, visit the Edinburgh clinic page.

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