Read the experience of our patient Liz Armstrong, who had treatment for depression and anxiety using rTMS – repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy.

rTMS is a clinically proven medication-free and effective treatment for mental health conditions.

Liz had daily treatment sessions for four weeks. Results are not instant, but her depression starts to lift at day 8 – read her treatment diary.

Day 1

I am so ready for this and I am not aware of being nervous or anxious at all as I have been very well briefed and experienced an extremely high standard of care for the outset of first contacting the company. I just want to get better and I’ve heard this works.

My technician is called April, and she explains everything she is going to do, which includes measuring my head and making marks of a cap I wear for the treatment and giving me some questionnaires to do. It is done very competently, so I am happy to just let April get on with what she needs to do. She is very thorough.

I am treated with great care, after tests have been done to work out the maximum level the pulses can be put at.  This is rather odd, only as I have done nothing like this before, and I feel as though I shouldn’t look or move my head for some reason. I think it might be because I am afraid, but I don’t register it as fear.

The first treatment is for anxiety. It feels extremely strange.  My brain feels a bit sensitive. There is no pain, it’s just a sensitivity, but the level is kept low and it doesn’t last long.

The depression treatment goes on for much longer.  It is unlike anything I have ever felt before. My brain is sensitive to it, something is definitely being done to it.  This is not scary, as I perceive it as an amazing way of teaching the brain to work.  I feel immensely grateful for a moment for all the people who have made this possible.

I don’t feel anything much afterwards and go home.

Day 2

Felt very bad all day, really bad mind; my brain is almost unbearable to be with.  Could not do anything without thinking of another thousand things to do.  No ability to focus.

Went out which was good, forced myself to go. Drank alcohol which I haven’t done for months but just could not stand my mind.  It was just so busy jumping from one thought to the next stopping me from achieving anything.

I think this will be really relatable for a lot of people – It’s something I hear a lot, that their thoughts aren’t in any order and that it’s exhausting.

Day 3

Felt tired all day – really bad headache.

The treatment was fine, but I wondered if my headache made it worse. I took some paracetamol, but I have had headaches in the past that these painkillers just do not touch.  I think it was from the alcohol, not that I drank much, but I just don’t really drink now at all.

Day 4

Got up to the full levels on both – the anxiety hit felt so much like an ice cream headache Love this way of explaining it – I agree, but that did not last and it soon became almost gentle.

The depression treatment felt like a hair on my nose.  It hammers away and it feels like it goes on for a long time.  I feel well looked after. April is very sensitive and seems to know when I feel chatty and when I just want to stay quiet.  I like to ask her about how other people have experienced the treatment, and although I am depressed she is confident in the treatment which helps because there are times when I am just trying not to think about whether or not it will work.

It is hot today, I feel positive, made a job application and off to an event and out this evening.  When I woke up I felt tired as though I had not slept very well.

Went to bed really early. Had bad things – wrong name on job application, and poor communication with a friend.  Felt angry about the name and a bit afraid of my feelings about how I had buggered up my job application after trying so hard not to.  I don’t feel as bad as I could do about this, I am not beating myself up about it, I just feel low level down.  It seems very familiar low level mild hopelessness.

Asleep by 9pm – very tired.

Day 5

Depressed. Woke up really early around 5.30am.  Found I had misunderstood friends comms. Had seen it last night but didn’t reply.  What is wrong with me? Woke up early feeling tired and fed up.  Also plans for Saturday cancelled. Feel once again that it doesn’t matter what I do, I don’t have the ability to change things or make things better for myself. Depressed.

Weekend 1

Depressed, Exhausted and depressed over the weekend.  Not much done.  No treatment.

Day 8

Not depressed.

Arrived at clinic and asked April to bump both treatments up to max.

Anxiety felt almost ticklish.

Depression treatment was fine, no longer feeling like Keith Moon practicing on my cranium. This really made me chuckle. I agree that’s how it feels!

Day was busy – and I felt calm and able to listen.

Felt bad by end of day and very tired. I don’t think this has much to do with anything, just feeling tired and fed up by the end of the day.