Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

What is TMS?


What To Expect Before Treatment

Our team of friendly, experienced patient advisors are here to answer any questions you need answered before you go ahead.

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Safety Screening

We know how difficult it can be to decide which treatment is best for you. To help you make your decision, we offer an online safety screening via our tailor-made patient portal, Mending Minds. This is completely free of charge. We also invite you to visit your local clinic to learn more about TMS and meet your practitioner who will be administering your treatment.


Video Chat

Once you’re happy that TMS is the right treatment for you (and it is for most people!), you’ll have a video chat with one of our clinicians. We like to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible for this consultation and strongly believe that home is where you’ll be most comfortable. So, make yourself a cuppa and speak with one of our knowledgeable clinicians about your condition and how TMS treatment can help you.



Your first TMS session

Your first session will be an hour longer and you’ll have your measurements taken (if you didn’t visit before your consultation) and have the opportunity to ask your practitioner any further questions you have.

Your TMS treatment

Your TMS treatment You’re likely to start by having one session of TMS per day, but some patients are able to increase this to 2 or even 3 sessions spaced out throughout the day. Your practitioner will help you track your progress and we can arrange up to two additional reviews with your clinician should you need them. You’ll be able to go about your day as you would normally straight after treatment as it’s non-invasive and side effects are minimal and mild in severity.


Final review

Once you’ve completed your prescription, we’ll get you talking to your clinician again.

Most patients will choose to sign up to one of our Continuous Care programmes to help them stay well.

Some prefer to be discharged back to the care of their GP without any top up treatment, and this is ok, too.

Continuous Care

Many patients sign up for Continuous Care for peace of mind. Ultimately, you can be in remission from your mental health condition, but sometimes we face unexpected events in life which can cause relapse. Our patients have the option to come back for monthly top up sessions, sign up to a membership programme for guaranteed discounted treatment if needed or to contact us if any symptoms begin to reappear. Learn more about Continuous Care and the options available to you.

Continuous Care

A course of TMS treatments involves between 20 and 30 sessions, which take place over a period of three to six weeks. The actual number of sessions depends on the condition being treated and how you respond. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes, and some patients are able to have more than one session a day.

TMS treatment is suitable for most people over the age of 18.
To confirm that it’s right for you, we’ll start by asking you to complete a set of questionnaires to let us know exactly how you’re feeling.

You’ll then have a consultation with one of our clinicians – usually over a video call. They’ll talk to you about your responses to the questionnaires and answer any questions you have, before confirming your suitability for TMS treatment.
You can ask your GP or psychiatrist to refer you for TMS treatment or you can refer yourself.

Once we’ve established that TMS is right for you, your patient advisor will help you book your first course of treatment. We’ll then invite you to your nearest Smart TMS clinic, where you’ll meet your practitioner.

All our treatment centres are discreet and private, with a team of friendly, experienced staff who will talk you through the process and put you at ease.
At your first treatment session, your practitioner will take some measurements to establish the exact area of your brain that needs to be targeted with the magnetic pulses. These measurements are recorded on a TMS cap, which is kept safe for you to wear each time you come to the clinic for a session.

Your practitioner will get you comfortable in the chair and place the magnetic coil over your head. He or she will determine the power at which your treatment will be most effective, and will stay with you throughout the process.

While you listen to music, read or relax, the coil will send pulses to your brain. You’ll hear a clicking sound and feel a tapping sensation each time this happens. It may feel a little strange at first, but your practitioner can always start on a low setting so you can gradually get used to it.

Once your TMS session is over, you can drive home and get on with your day.

Is TMS Treatment Right For You?

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Is TMS right for you?

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