Our Story

Smart TMS was founded in 2015 by our medical director, Dr Leigh A Neal – a consultant psychiatrist with over 20 years experience and a long-term interest in the biological causes of mental health issues.

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We are now the UK’s leading provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment with a rapidly expanding network of clinics.

TMS expert

Dr Neal shares his views on the benefits of TMS, and his reasons for starting – and expanding – Smart TMS.

“Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an incredibly exciting field, and research is going on all round the world into different conditions.

“I was delighted when NICE approved the use of TMS in the treatment of depression. I’d been following the development of the technology for many years and had been really impressed by the results. Now that TMS is approved for use in the UK, the technology will improve the lives of many depressed patients significantly.

“Historically, treatments for depression have always focused on making patients less depressed. With TMS, patients start to feel positive again. Their confidence increases, their motivation returns, their language skills are enhanced, and they begin to socialise again. You can almost literally see patients’ brains lighting up when they go through TMS treatment.”

“Primarily, I established Smart TMS to offer a safe, innovative and effective treatment to patients who want to improve their lives – and both I and my team very much enjoy playing a part in that. My aim is to continue to expand our network of TMS clinics to give as many people as possible access to this life-changing treatment.”

Dr Leigh Neal

MB BCh MRCGP DRCOG FRCPsych MD, Medical Director

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