How To Cope With Christmas – Mental Health Top Tips #3

Recently, Smart TMS practitioners Abie and Ailish have explained the importance of taking time out for yourself and surrounding yourself with positivity during the festive period. Adding today’s top tip is April, our senior practitioner in Smart TMS : South Kensington.

“Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel”

We all know what it’s like at Christmas. Every time we switch on the TV, we are faced with adverts for decadent Christmas feasts and the latest expensive gifts. With expectations increasing year upon year, the shops are filled with must haves.

April says;

“Christmas is a difficult time for many. At this time of year, you could take some time away from social media. It’s the perfect time for people to show only their ‘highlight reel’ and it can be hard not to compare. If you don’t want to stop using social media, try to remind yourself that what you see is a very short, edited version of a person’s life, and life isn’t always as it seems in photos”

christmas tree

It doesn’t take long, when browsing the internet, to come across celebrities photographing their beautiful homes covered in extravagant decorations. These photos are great to take ideas from to add to your wishlist. However, it’s much more important to remember that a large majority of the country (and the world!) don’t live like this.

Appreciate what you have

It’s easy to compare what we have with what we see on the internet. Photographs only show a snapshot in time, however. No photo that you take could display the love of your family sat at the foot of your Christmas tree. Nor could a photo show the effort you’ve put in all year to afford the toy your child has asked for. You may focus on the difficulties in your life, but remember – someone, somewhere would look at your highlight reel and crave what you have.

The first step towards Christmas happiness is accepting what you’ve got, without comparing to what others have.