Smart TMS’ Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Resulting Anxiety

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent impact on the mental health of the nation, we have launched a Mental Health Support Helpline for anyone who is suffering from increased anxiety or mental health symptoms. We have also introduced a priority hour for NHS staff and key workers from 9am – 10am Monday to Friday. To find out more about this service click here.



Coronavirus Induced Anxiety

However you feel about the media attention given to the Coronavirus, we’re all conscious of the potential to make us and our loved ones very poorly. If you already suffer from anxiety, this additional concern might leave you feeling overwhelmed, and this is completely normal. As COVID-19 is a new strain of virus, there is a degree of uncertainty over the coming weeks. For someone who was previously anxious or who has developed anxiety since the outbreak, not knowing what we’re facing is often a trigger.

As with any time you’re feeling anxious, it’s vital that you remind yourself of what you do and don’t have the ability to control. For example, you can’t control other people visiting the supermarket with a dry cough but you are able to carry a hand sanitizer with you (and maybe some anti-bacterial wipes for the trolley!).

You could also try to avoid watching or listening to the news too often. Whilst deaths are being reported on, many media outlets aren’t highlighting how many people have actually recovered. Hearing the negative reports will no doubt increase any existing anxieties, too.

Coronavirus Concerns

If you’re a Smart TMS patient and are concerned about your treatment, please talk to your practitioner about how to limit the impact on your mental health. We’d recommend keeping up with the latest guidance from Public Health England and calling NHS 111 if you’re concerned that you’re displaying symptoms.