Music & Mood

A study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy in conjunction with streaming service Deezer has highlighted the benefits of listening to music for one’s mental health. The researchers surveyed over 7,000 respondents from all over the world to discover how many people see music as a form of ‘medicine’, and if there is an ideal dosage of music listening for optimum health and wellbeing?

Key Findings:


The best music for relaxation had a slow tempo, simple melody and no lyrics. The optimum time for listening was 13 minutes. Respondents reported positive benefits including decreased muscle tension, negative thoughts disappearing, feeling peaceful and contented and being able to sleep better.


9 minutes of music was found to be sufficient for most to improve mood and cheerfulness. The type of music which worked best had a driving rhythm, fast tempo and happy lyrical content. Participants reported an increase in happiness, energy, life satisfaction & positivity towards other.

Processing Sadness

Music was also shown to help people process and release sadness. Lower tempo music with lyrics people identified with led to a sense of relief and stability for listeners. 13 minutes was the optimum time for most to process their feelings.

These findings would appear to reinforce what many will have known already: that music can have a powerful effect on our mood and outlook!

Author, Eoin,

Smart TMS Dublin Practitioner


Westmore, L. (2020). Music as Medicine – The Musical Recommended Daily Allowance. [online] The British Academy of Sound Therapy. Available at: [Accessed 16 Oct. 2023].