Patient feedback – August

Referral Scheme

We’ve summarised some of the great patient feedback we received in August.


“A simple, miracle treatment. Smart TMS has helped me to deal with alcohol addiction. It took all cravings away and replaced them with a deep feeling of contentment. My life has changed so much to the better, I am in charge now, not the addiction”.


“They have been kind caring and supportive all through my treatment and beyond”.


“I’ve heard of TMS for a while and decided to give it a go, I wanted treatment for my addiction, depression and anxiety, I wasn’t sure what to expect especially having Autism and whether that would affect TMS, I was also worried about side affects but from day one Lorelei has been so positive, kind and helpful, putting me at ease, answering my questions and helping me to get comfortable on the bed, even little things like putting the cap on carefully, or putting the fan on during the heatwave etc made a huge difference. After 30 sessions i cannot not believe the difference and neither can my family, I’m happy to report I’m almost anxiety free and I’d say 60-70% improvement in my depression, it’s been so long I don’t think I’ve experienced a depression or anxiety free day as an adult. Even more amazingly my addiction is now under control something I didn’t think I’d ever see”.


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